About Us

With over twenty-five years of experience by our side, we, from Carpet Cleaning in Manhattan are one of the most famous names in the industry. Our services of carpet cleaning is very detailed and we have tried our hands in getting the cleaning done in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and New York.

The beginning:


Our journey, as a company began in the eventful year of 19— when Mr Ronski, our company’s founder, had found that while all the other home based products were getting washed regularly, things like rugs and carpets were only left untouched. So, he devised shampoos and solvents and kept on experimenting with them until he and his team of three researchers found that each fabric needed different variety of solvent. This was just one of the things that he began apart from answering to customer’s calls in as little time as possible. He left behind a legacy and today, following those principles, we, from Carpet Cleaning in Manhattan have come a long way. We have got our own laboratory now and we develop eco-friendly solvents and shampoos that work gently on the fabric but hard on stains and odor. Our work has been appreciated by the clients from residences or even from different businesses.

Our work of carpet cleaning:


We, from Carpet Cleaning in Manhattan, have got high-speed jets, vacuum cleaners, hot-steam-jets, and water extractors that work on removing even the minutest traces of moisture from your carpets however thick they might be. Our cleaners are trained enough to do the cleaning well enough and they would also ensure that the cleaning process is least messy and they use water economically. Call us at (646)-542-0245 for various services of cleaning and washing of commercial carpets too at any time of the day. You may also contact us by filling up a form at our website www.carpetcleaninginmanhattan.com.